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Installing Various Roof Types

roof types bellevilleLamer Roofing & Exterior Renovations Inc. is proud to be the premier Belleville roofing contractor for essential roofing services in Belleville and the surrounding areas. Part of being the local leading roofing contractor is being able to take care of and install a wide variety of roof types. As a professional team of roofers, we pride ourselves in being able to provide exceptional work, in a timely manner and at a more than affordable cost.

Since 1999, we have been providing local homeowners with the finest in roofing and other exterior renovation services. We are able to do this by making it a point to provide only the best in all we do, including materials, workmanship and even customer service. If you are interested in, or already have, any of the following roofing systems in place, get in touch with us for the best results possible.

Metal Roofing

metal roofing belleville onWidely used at one time for mainly commercial roofing, metal roofing has gained popularity in residential applications as well. While the initial investment may be more than some other options what you get is value. Metal roofing offers unsurpassed longevity and durability so that you can expect as much as five decades worth of quality service and performance.

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Steel Roofing

steel roofing belleville onAnother option for metal roofing is sturdy, galvanized steel roofing. We can work with you to show you the options that you have and help you make essential decisions about the type of roof to get. Whether you need installation, inspection, repairs or replacement, we have got your service needs covered.

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Asphalt Shingles

asphalt shingles belleville onThe most common style of roofing system is still the asphalt shingle. While it may have a shorter lifespan than metal, you can still get up to 25 years of wear and tear, with proper care and maintenance. Make sure to set yourself up for long term success by letting us provide you with the quality installation you need from the beginning.

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Low Slope Roofs

low slope roofs belleville onAlthough the low slope roofing system requires more drainage, it is a great option to consider. These roofs are known for being better with energy efficiency, as well as more cost-effective to install. The lower pitch means it requires less materials to cover and makes it less in labor expense as well.

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CertainTeed Roofing

certainteed roofing belleville onProviding the finest in quality roofing services in Belleville and the surrounding areas means also making it a point to only work with the best materials. There is no way to offer the best to our clients, without that including the materials we use as well. This is one of the reasons that we have selected CertainTeed as one of our premier areas of specialty for roofing, especially asphalt shingles.

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genflex roofing belleville onAnother popular brand and manufacturer that we work with closely is GenFlex. We want you to feel good about the work we do for you, which means you have to also feel good about the products we utilize. You can rest assured that you will get decades of performance from your GenFlex roof.

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decra roofing belleville onDECRA is another of the high quality brands we work with to provide superior results. We have a working knowledge of installation, inspection, repairs and replacement for this type of roof. Let us meet with you to discuss the benefits you can expect by implementing this roof on your residential structure.

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If you would like one of the roof types above installed for your home in Belleville or the surrounding areas of Ontario, please call 613-962-5670 or complete our online request form.

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