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Professional Roof Replacement

roof replacement bellevilleIf you think you are ready to move forward with your roof replacement in the Belleville area, the time to get started is now. Your home is your biggest investment and the roof is the most vital aspect of this investment. That is because your rooftop is what helps protect the rest of your home, as well as the people and property inside.

Wise homeowners know that the local name to call on for this type of service is Lamer Roofing & Exterior Renovations Inc. Since 1999, we have been the local leading service provider for all things related to residential roofing and exteriors. Making sure that you get the best in roof work will help to ensure that you are able to protect your home.

The work we will provide for you can assure you of high performance and extended longevity, as long as you invest in follow up care through the years. The good news is that we will be there for help with that as well. Don't take chances when it comes to the work that goes into your rooftop, or any aspect of the exterior of your home for that matter. Get quality roofing services from our team of professional, experienced roofers today.

Roof Replacement Experts

One of the biggest predicaments that homeowners face is the choice between roof repairs or replacement, when it comes to roofing. Sometimes, the choice is easy and obvious. Other times, it may not be as apparent.

Here are some ways to help determine which is right for you:

  • Current Condition – Some repair needs are just too extreme. In order to conserve the structural dignity of your roof, it makes more sense to replace. Roof leaks, ability to see daylight, sagging and other issues often mean it would be better to replace instead of trying to repair your roofing. Invest in a roof inspection to determine the true state of your current roof.
  • Cost-effective – Even though it costs more to replace a roof, sometimes this is the more cost-effective approach to take. If you are going to have to pay for minor repairs, this will nickle and dime you. Or, if the repair costs are 50% or more than the current value of the roof, it makes more sense to replace your roofing.
  • Age of the Roof – The average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20 years. If you are close to that or past it, then it might make more sense to go ahead and replace your roofing. Asphalt roofing shingles degrade over time, so they won't be able to protect your home as well. Any repairs you make at this point are likely to be wasted money since you will still need replacement within the next few years.
  • Peace of Mind – Sometimes just knowing that you have a safe and secure new roof in place is worth the work. When you make it a point to work with a team of pros like the honest and reputable crew here at Lamer Roofing & Exterior Renovations Inc. then you will feel completely at ease. Stop worrying about every storm or falling tree branch and let us put a new roof in place.

Local Roof Replacement

Whether you have metal, asphalt shinges, steel or just about any other type of roof, we can take care of replacing the roofing for you. Let us help you to protect your home by getting the right type of work done. We can help you understand when repairs make sense, just like we can help you comprehend when reroofing is the best option.

The important thing is to never take chances when it comes to the quality of materials or workmanship that goes into your roof. No matter what the task at hand is, you can count on us to get the job done. Call on Lamer Roofing & Exterior Renovations Inc. for your roof replacement or any related service needs. We're the roofing contractor in Belleville, ON you can trust for true quality when it comes to both the products and workmanship we provide as well as the customer service.

If you are interseted in an estimate for roof replacement in Belleville, Ontario or the surrounding areas including Cobourg, Trenton, Picton, Napanee and Kingston, please call 613-962-5670 or complete our online request form.

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